Who am I?

Hi, I’m happy to welcome you to my website! My name is Tamás Stenczel, but my friends just call me Stenci. I live 1498 km from the beautiful city of Paris, in Hungary, Siófok, a sunny small town by Lake Balaton.
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I work as an identity and advertising graphic designer – and love to create. Ever since I can remember, I like to be involved in such activities and have worked full time in this field for 12 years. For me nothing is impossible! Having realized that a good creative design takes an open and inspiring atmosphere, I established my own studio called Stencidesign.

A good design grabs attention and gives visual delight. A good design helps selling a service or a product. It is my belief! In addition to my work, my family plays a very important role in my life; we spend much time together, take trips, laugh a lot and strive to maintain harmony. This positive vital energy nurtures my creativity and is reflected in my works. I believe that a good design can bring joy to people and can, even if for a moment, loose them from the monotony of everyday life.

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