Howdo I work?

I’m able to understand my clients’ desires and deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations. And I do all this quickly, respecting the deadlines specified by my clients. I’m never lost in details and can handle multiple projects at a time. This rather inspires me instead of blocking my progress. The client shows me the way, but it is my task to be creative and come up with colourful ideas.

My work is characterized by purity, uniqueness and reflection of current trends. I pay special attention to keep contact with my client during the design process (via Skype, email, telephone calls or personal discussions). This is how we can approach and achieve the common goal, one that may not even be defined at the beginning of the design process.


What are my plans?

I consider myself as a lucky person, because I was charged with incredibly colourful tasks by my clients – design works are never the same. Below is a non-exhaustive list of projects I have worked / am currently working on:

Responsive, Parallax website • Webshop • Microsite • Blog • Programming (CSS, HTML5, SEO) • Flyer • Newsletter • Blog • E-mail header, Facebook editing, programming.

Logo • Image • Vector and raster graphics illustrations • Visual plan • 3D graphics • Business card • Letter paper • Envelope • Calendar • Invitation Card • Plastic Card • Banner • Roll Up • Building and Shop Window Decoration • Flyer • Placard • Advertisement • Catalogue • Brochure • Other Publications • Book • Magazine ... editing, making-up, design, desktop publishing.

Who are my clients?

I work for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from advertising agencies, small and large businesses to private individuals. The world is borderless: I have many foreign customers in addition to domestic clients.

My Portfolio